Benedictines of Our Saviour

"Let us set out on this way with the Gospel for our guide."  
                                             St. Benedict,  Prologue to the Rule

  • Bishop Chad Jones, Sister Phoebe and Father Prior
    Bishop Chad Jones, Sister Phoebe and Father Prior
 "Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ.  
          And may He bring us all together to everlasting life!"
                     Rule of St. Benedict, Ch 72

"Ut in omnibus Deus glorificetur"
("That God may be glorified in everything"}

SECOND ANNUAL CHAPTER:  The Annual Chapter of the Benedictine Congregation of Our Saviour was held at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers on February 10 to 13 2014.


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Our Benedictines held their second Annual (Chapter) Meeting! For More.


Welcome to the Benedictines of Our Saviour!

We are an Anglican Benedictine in the Catholic Tradition. Our members are dispersed, and are single, married, lay and ordained.  Our members live at home with their families and come together periodically in their local Community for prayer, training/formation and fellowship.

We endeavor to follow the Rule of St. Benedict.

Please pray that God Who has begun His work in us may bring it to fulfillment.

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